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Arrowhead Bolo Ties the Iconic Native American Symbol


Arrowhead Bolo Ties The Origin Of Their Story

For generations ties have had a vital role to play in enhancing looks and appearances of men and women. Though essentially it might have been a dressing accessory for men, today women also use it extensively. There are different types of ties and in this article we will be looking at the importance and significance of arrowhead bolo ties. It may not be possible to exactly pinpoint the origin of bolo ties as far as men's fashion is concerned.

Though women too wear these ties, it continues to be widely used by men. These ties find favor with a wide segment of population cutting across regions, social and religious backgrounds and lifestyle habits. They have been used for various purposes. While some use them along with turquoise, there are others who use it to represent the symbol of some state or province.

A Look At The History

It might be difficult to pin point the rough time period during which bolo ties were used for the first time. However, there are some evidences to suggest that Native Americans could have been instrumental in the use of these special ties. Many of our forefathers recall Native Americans wearing bandanas in their neck. These bandanas were held together by some shell like structure and this could be the origin of bolo ties. According to some the credit should go to an Arizona Silversmith as far as these ties are concerned.

There Are Other Claimants Too

According to some other sources of information the credit for the first bolo tie should go to a dentist and metallurgist from Kingman, Arizona. His name is Dr. William E. Mangelsdorf who claims that he was the one who invented this tie sometime during 1940. It also is believed that he patented his invention. There are other articles which talk about the crude variants of this tie being used by North Americans during the period 1866 to 1886.

Is It A Tie At All

On the other side of the spectrum there are many purists who raise questions as to whether bolo tie is a tie at all. In 2005 a high school senior aged 17 years was not allowed to get is diploma degree because he was in his bolo tie for his graduation instead of wearing the formal tradition cravat that is made from polyester and silk. However, the day was saved by the Governor of Montana who firmly told that it is a tie at the end of the day and there is a big history and culture behind it. In fact according to some reports bola ties has already been made the official neckwear in the State of Arizona. This was followed by New Mexico in the year 2007.

It would also be pertinent to mention that when it comes to ancient native jewelry, there is mention of bolo ties. The jewelry has evolved with times and today it is considered to be an important and perhaps even indispensable accessory as far as men's fashion is concerned. They go a long way in making the man look unique, different and make him stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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