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Native American Bolo Ties Book offers some 200 rich examples of works created by Zuni, Hopi and Navajo artists as well as silversmiths

Native American Bolo Ties Book Bolo Tie Book: Native American Bolo Ties offers some 200 rich examples of works created by Zuni, Hopi and Navajo artists as well as silversmiths. The images illustrate the outstanding lapidary and silver-work in Native American pieces by Native American artisans. Learn how the Southwest began producing Bolo Ties during the mid-twentieth century as a response to tourist demand for finely crafted Native American jewelry at the height of America's fascination with western culture and cowboys.

Native American Bolo Ties: Vintage and Contemporary Artistry was published in 2011 to coincide with a Bolo Tie exhibition at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona in December of that year. So what are Bolo Ties and why are they so special? Bolo Ties are a significant part of American culture from a fashion and cultural perspective. Additional the Bolo Ties is the official neck wear of several states which include Arizona, New-Mexico and Texas. Native American Bolo Ties offers fantastic pictures showcasing Native American artisans, pieces from the Heard Museum's permanent collections and from the private collection of the notable Norman L Sandfield.

This book is simply wonderful from a historical perspective and Native American Jewelry perspective on design. One popular chapter in the book covers Bolo construction and proves to be very interesting for jewelers who fancy this type of art and design. Learn how to date Bolo Ties and more importantly recognize important aspects of them. Certainly this book makes a fine resource and would be an awesome part of your library collection.

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