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Experience the Adventure at a Boy Scout Jamboree

Boy Scout Jamboree Every four years, a temporary city springs up almost overnight, magically bringing together Scouts from all corners of the nation and world. This enormous gathering of over 40,000 youths is called a Jamboree, a place where Scouts celebrate friendship, test their skills, and revel in the spirit of adventure. For those lucky enough to experience a Jamboree first-hand and participate in the iconic sights and activities, it's an unforgettable, life-changing experience. The rich traditions and shared euphoria of each Jamboree lives on through coveted souvenirs and keepsakes that evoke the camaraderie, values, and excitement for generations to come. Scouts eagerly collect these treasured patches, pins, medallions, and memorabilia. More than just mementos, these items symbolize being part of something bigger - a member of the Scouting brotherhood across borders, backgrounds, and generations. Each badge and trinket represents personal memories while also strengthening the global bonds and aspirations that connect the worldwide Scouting community. For both youths and adults, Jamboree collectibles recall the tremendous pride, spirit, inspiration, and friendships built over 11 adventurous days and nights every four years.

What is a Jamboree?

A jamboree is an enormous gathering of Boy Scouts from around the nation and world for fellowship, camping, and lively activities. Jamborees aim to celebrate scouting values, build relationships, and develop leadership skills on a grand scale. Tens of thousands of scouts attend along with leaders and visitors. International jamborees are held every 4 years by the World Organization of the Scout Movement. There is palpable excitement leading up to a jamboree, with Scouts eager to experience such a unique global community event.

Attending a Jamboree

Jamborees are open to Boy Scouts who are at least 12 years old and First Class rank or higher. Adult leaders, staff members, and families are also welcome to experience the excitement. Past jamborees have been held in places like Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia and vast ranches in Texas. The massive Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia hosts the National Jamboree about every 4 years. Scouts must register online over a year in advance as spots fill up quickly. Costs vary based on attendance duration. Many troops hold fundraisers over the preceding year to fund this trip-of-a-lifetime. Besides gear and equipment, attending international jamborees requires additional preparation like visa applications and immunizations.

Arrival Day

The day of arrival is filled with eager anticipation and excitement. Scouts check-in at designated areas to receive credentials, camp assignments and jamboree materials. Luggage and gear is transported via shuttles to get settled as quickly as possible. Once at campsites, troops work together to pitch tents and organize equipment while reconnecting with scouting friends from other towns and states. Orientations, tours, and opening ceremonies officially kick off the festivities, welcoming scouts from all walks of life to this global community. Scouts impatiently await the thrilling adventures ahead.

Daily Activities

A typical day overflows with unique activities including: interactive demonstrations of scouting skills like climbing, canoeing, swimming, and pioneering; hands-on workshops focused on STEM topics and sustainability; giant stadium shows exploding with music, pyrotechnics, and motivational speakers; trading collectible jamboree patches with new friends; exhibits from major organizations like NASA, the Peace Corps, or National Geographic; visits from celebrities thrilled to connect with Scouts; and so much more. Nights offer incredible arena shows and guest speakers. Scouts also have time to explore the vast jamboree grounds, take scenic hikes, play sports, and make lifelong friends from around the world.

The Jamboree Experience

Being part of a jamboree creates lifelong memories and allows scouts to truly experience scouting's global community. Scouts get to meet peers from other cities, states, and countries, learning about new cultures and perspectives. Jamborees foster tremendous growth opportunities and exposure to amazing new experiences most scouts don't get at home. Scouts return with greater independence, self-confidence, leadership skills, and global awareness. The friendships and inside jokes formed at a jamboree link scouts together forever through shared memories of adventure and fellowship.

Closing Ceremonies

As the once-in-a-lifetime jamboree experience nears its end, scouts are filled with mixed emotions - immense pride and accomplishment alongside sadness at departing new friends. A closing arena show builds excitement for the future of scouting and shares inspirational farewell messages. Guest performers cap off the festivities with great music and fireworks. At the end, scouts make their way back home with incredible stories, new ideas, cherished souvenirs, and bonds that will unite Scouts across the world for life.

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