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Vintage Celtic Cross Knot Pattern Bolo Ties

Celtic Cross Knot Pattern Bolo

What exactly is a Celtic Knot and what are a Celtic Knot's Meanings?

Celtic knots are symbolic patterns consisting of an endless loop. It is said that the endless repetition of the looping pattern represents the unending nature of life itself.

Celtic knots have been utilized as early as the 8th century in art and ornamentation, although their origins are far older. Some scholars have even postulated that Celtic Knots were in use as early as 500 B.C., however sufficient proof from that era is hard to come by.

Since there are many possible meanings, the significance of a Celtic knot varies. They represent good feelings like love and happiness, as well as positive traits like faith and friendship, and hence are often regarded as a positive symbol. The concept of life's interconnectedness seems to be the overriding theme.

Celtic Cross Meaning

One more popular variation of the Celtic Knot is the Celtic Cross. The Celtic Cross, also known as the Irish Cross, is a crucifix with a ring around the intersection of the lines, resulting in four semicircles. As with other Celtic Knots, the beams of certain Celtic Crosses have interlaced looping patterns.

Because of its purported dual representation of Celtic spirituality and culture, this knot has been given a rich symbolic significance. While the exact backstory of the Celtic Cross remains murky, a common myth holds that St. Patrick brought the cross to Ireland in an attempt to convert the indigenous Pagan population to Christianity.

The Celtic Cross is widely recognized as an important cultural emblem in modern Ireland. It's a common motif for tattoo artists, and it appears often in Irish artwork.

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Celtic Cross Knot Pattern Bolo Ties


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