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Christian Bolo Ties a great way to express your faith in God

Christian Bolo Ties for sale Christian Bolo Ties are very popular and a great way to express your faith in God. Neck ties can be traced back hundreds of years ago and are still worn today with the same zeal. Other religious bolo ties include Noah's Ark, Christian Fish, Christian Crosses, Hebraic, Holy Bible and Jesus Christ Bolo Ties.

Religious and Christian bolo ties are a wonderful way in which to spread the faith and to help someone find their own. These men's neckties can be worn during religious holidays, Sunday service, on Easter Sunday and the Christmas season. Men's religious bolo ties are a great way to start a conversation with a friend or an acquaintance. Our new and vintage Christian ties are inspirational and an important reminder of His sacrifice for mankind. Many bolo ties feature Christ's Cross. Discover a nice selection of beautiful new and vintage religious and Christian men's bolo ties that are perfect accessories all year round for yourself or a loved one.

The modern necktie traces its history back to the early 1630's when a large number of Croatian mercenaries came to Paris in support of King Louis XIV and Cardinal Richelieu of Three Musketeers fame. The French were instantly enamored by their outfits because of the unusual scarves tied about their necks, ranging from coarse material for the common soldier to fine silk for officers. They called these scarves cravats, though the origin of the word is up for debate. The most widely held opinion is that it is a corruption of "Croat." One thing is certain, the military and courtiers immediately began copying the Croatians style.

Over the next 10 years, cravats spread across Europe and into the English colonies as well. Cravats styles were limited only be the imagination, including tasseled strings, scarves, bows of ribbon, lace, embroidered linen and ruffled collars. This trend continued with a variety of style changes including the steinkirk, a loosely wrapped scarf tie worn with dangling ends tucked or pinned to the breast, the stock, a ridged military neck piece worn tight around the neck to increase blood flow to the head, the bandanna, a square cloth tied in the back, and the bolo, a piece of string held closed by a decorative component worn close about the neck.

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