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Concho Bolo Ties Traditional Silver Southwestern Indian Jewelry

Concho Bolo Ties for sale Reasons why Concho Bolo Ties are gaining prominence as mainstream Menswear accessory The history of Concho Bolo tie is as colorful as its name. Commonly associated with Western wear in the United States, the use of this fashion accessory can be traced back to the 1860s. However, it gained much prominence in the 1940s when metallurgist Dr. William E. Mangelsdorf of Kingman, Arizona patented the unique slide design he came up with. Bolo ties are now recognized by a number of states including; Arizona, New Mexico and Texas as the official neckwear. The accessory which can be fashioned as Traditional silver Southwestern Indian Jewelry has been adorned by celebrities such as Bruno Mars, Phillip Rivers and Macklemore among others.

With such recognition among pop culture aficionados, it is no wonder that Bolo ties are making a splash in the fashion scene. Perhaps the main reason behind its success is its simplicity. It usually consists of a simple piece of cord or sometimes braided leather with ornamental metallic tips known as aglets. Bolo ties are fastened around the neck using a decorated clasp or slide usually made from eye-catching flat objects such as silver coins, polished stones, lady's pins or even precious metals. Like any other fashion accessory, the design and flashiness of your Bolo tie can only be limited by your budget. There is definitely something for everyone. Below are 3 main reasons why we think you should give Concho Bolo ties a try even if you have never actually been in Texas or any Western state for that matter.

Complements the classic casual look

If you have ever wanted to rock the classic laid back look but without looking tacky, then all you need is to include a Concho Bolo Tie in the mix. To pull off this macho look, you need to wear the tie a bit loosely around your neck with the top button of your shirt undone. The tie should, however, remain under your collar but If you desire to add a little bit of ruggedness, you can as well roll up your shirt sleeves.

Confidence booster

Nothing speaks louder about a guy's self-assurance than sharp, distinctive dressing. Bolo ties stand out as accessories adorned by men who are proud of their heritage and of course not afraid to flaunt it. It is for this reason that most American western states politicians will typically wear Bolo ties when attending important functions or addressing rallies. This particular look can be achieved by wearing the Bolo tie just like you would wear the normal tie. Your shirt has to be buttoned up all the way to the top, and the tie clasps fasten tightly but comfortably around your neck.


Most fashion accessories are created for a specific combination of clothes and indeed for particular occasions. For example, you cannot wear an ornamental belt buckle with your official work attire or a normal necktie with a jeans and tees combo. Concho Bolo ties can however be worked into numerous weekdays and weekends clothing combos and still manage to strike imposing looks. Their simplicity means they can be incorporated into your daily office wear or used as a laid-back weekend accessory.

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