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Elks Bolo Ties: Honoring Community and Country: Exploring Elks Lodge Collectibles

Elks Lodge BPOE Elks memorabilia and collectibles provide a treasure trove for those looking to explore the fraternity's extensive history and lore. Pins adorned with the Elk head icon and medals marking membership milestones bring the organization's symbols to life. Rare photographs, documents, and artifacts used at local lodges offer a window into the faces, places, rituals, and activities that shaped the Elks over decades. Items like banners, officer regalia, altar furnishings, and gavels used in ceremonies evoke the solemn traditions and principles of the order. Convention souvenirs serve as mementos of the grand gatherings where members convened and forged connections. For Elks devotees, amassing these artifacts is a way to tangibly connect with over a century of philanthropy, voluntarism, patriotism and brotherhood. Each object contributes to honoring the Elks' storied legacy in communities nationwide.

Antlers, pins, medals, bolos and jewelry: The Elk pins and medals signify membership milestones, achievements, and officer positions. Antlers reference the elk head icon. Jewels commemorate conventions and gatherings. These provide visual symbols of one's Elks status and accomplishments.

Historic photographs and documents: Archived photos, films, newsletters, ledgers, and records offer glimpses into the members and activities of Elks lodges through the decades. These materials bring Elks history to life.

Lodge artifacts and ephemera: Banners, regalia, posters, and assorted artifacts used at lodges contain local history. Custom officer gavels, chimes, podiums, and altar items also tell the story of a lodge's rituals and ceremonies.

Convention souvenirs: Pins, programs, and collectibles produced for annual state and national conventions memorialize the gatherings of Elks members. These trace the sites and themes of major Elks events since the late 1800s.

Officer materials and ritual items: The robes, scripts, guides, and props used in Elks rituals and initiations provide insights into these solemn ceremonies and traditions. Passing down officer materials maintains their legacy.

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