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Pistol Gun Grip Bolo Ties: Handmade Bolo Gun Grip Colt 38 c1920s

Handmade Bolo Gun Grip

Colt Official Police Revolver

Colt's Manufacturing Company makes the Colt Official Police, which has a medium frame, double-action, six-round cylinder, and is mostly chambered for the.38 Special cartridge. When it came out in 1908, the revolver was called the "Colt Army Special." In 1927, the name was changed to "Colt's Official Police" so that it would be easier to sell to police departments. It became one of the most popular police guns of all time, and by the 1950s, it was seen as a typical weapon for police officers. During World War II, the Official Police was also used by a number of U.S. and allied military forces. When government buyers didn't like how long it took to make the OP and how much it cost per unit, Colt made the gun easier to use. Savings were made by not polishing the outside of the gun, using a smooth-faced trigger and hammer, and giving the gun simple checkered wood grips with the Colt medallion. These grips were soon replaced with "Coltwood" molded plastic grips.

The pistol grip is just one part of a gun. They are a fairly new idea that started showing up on submachine guns during World War II and then on assault rifles during the Cold War. The pistol grip helps the user get a better hold on the gun and get it in the right place on their shoulder. But pistol grips can be stylish, and you can wear them as a bolo tie with your shirt. Gun Grip Bolo Ties are unique, fashionable and they are a great converstation starter.

The Colt .38 - An Iconic Six-Shooter That Tamed the Old West

Few firearms capture the romance and legend of the American Old West quite like the classic Colt .38 revolver. With its spinning cylinder and lethal accuracy, this iconic six-shooter helped embody the frontier era of cowboys, lawmen, outlaws, and adventure.

First introduced in 1877, the Colt .38 became an instant success and dominated the gun market for decades. Rugged frontiersmen appreciated the revolver's reliability and stopping power. The .38 caliber round was powerful enough for self-defense against outlaws or vengeful Indians. It also gained fame as the sidearm of choice for lawmen and Texas Rangers fighting frontier crime.

Perhaps no guns were quicker, more accurate, or more elegantly made than these Colt revolvers. They shot straight and rarely jammed, even with dirt, rain, or grime. Fancy etched barrels and pearl handles displayed money and prestige. For outlaws like Billy the Kid, a custom Colt .38 was a status symbol.

The Colt .38 became inextricably linked with dramatic duels, robbery shootouts, and maintaining justice in untamed lands. It was said at least one participant in any Old West conflict was likely packing a Colt. Though romanticized, the .38 certainly earned its reputation through ever-present utility and reliability.

So whether stopping rustlers, dueling at high noon, or keeping order in a lawless town, few firearms captured the iconic Wild West days quite like the legendary Colt .38 revolver. It remains a coveted and enduring symbol of frontier toughness and survival.

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