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Kachina Bolo Ties from renowned Navajo artisans

Buy Kachina Bolo Ties here Ties as we see it today have not just landed into our wardrobes overnight but have evolved over time. There are reasons to believe that there are different reasons and different backgrounds which have led to evolution of the good old tie as we see it today. There are different types of ties and Kachina Bolo Tie is one such unique and different style and class of tie which has evolved and grown over time.

It Started As An Accessory

These special ties were first worn widely in the Western part of United States way back in the yearly 1900s. They were worn basically as a Native Accessory for the Americans. However, over a period of time this started becoming much admired and popular state neckwear. It was especially very much in demand in the states of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

Over a period of time it graduated and become a much sought after and highly liked state neckwear again in the above states. Hence the journey has been gradual and it also would be pertinent to mention that it has changed quite a few names. It also is today known as slide ties, neck ropes, and is also referred to as gaucho ties.

Where Did It All Start

Though there are not much resources available as to where exactly the journey of Kachina Boli Tie began, one can perhaps trace its origins to these fantastic dress materials to the native American silversmiths. They have certainly given it a new meaning and have redefined and art and culture of the Native Americans in the three states mentioned above. They have been able to come out with the most beautiful and intricate pieces of these ties.

There are many names which are being talked about including a native American by the name Navajo Bolo. It is believe that these ties made its journey during the early 1930s. This was when many native Americans belonging to the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni tribes had the habit of wearing bandanas in their necks. These bandanas were made to stay in place with the help of a string. As years rolled by some shell like items were used to keep the bandanas in place. This perhaps set the ball rolling and led to the development of bolo ties and made it what it is today.

They Were Mostly For Personal Purposes

The interesting fact is that when these ties and even the kachina doll were used, they served personal needs rather than being used for commercial purposes. In fact many of the conventional native American jewelry were used only for personal uses. If one looks at the old bolo ties they will not have any signature from artists and are considered as rare antique pieces to be passed over from one generation to another. They are easily identifiable because of their wonderful and painstaking silversmith works and the turquoise stones which are inlaid. However, over time there have been many changes and it has now become an attractive fashion item especially for those who belong to the native American groups of people.

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