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The Liberty Dime - A Small But Mighty US Coin

Liberty Dime Coin The Liberty Dime, minted from 1892 to 1916, is one of the longest running and most influential small coin designs in U.S. numismatic history. Authored by Chief Engraver Charles E. Barber, the Liberty dime depicts an elegant profile portrait of Lady Liberty on the obverse wearing a cap and wreath. Replacing the previous Seated Liberty dime in use since the 1830s, the new Liberty design initially drew some criticism before gaining appreciation for its balanced artistry. Over 360 million of these ten cent silver pieces were struck across multiple mints during the quarter century run. While abundant in lower grades, key date rarities and condition scarcities keep Liberty dime collecting engaging for enthusiasts. Though just a small silver coin, the rich history and lovely Liberty design of the dime make it hugely significant to American numismatics.


The dime, ten cent piece, is the smallest coin denomination minted for regular circulation in the United States. Despite their modest size, dimes have made a monumental impact, with many iconic and artistic designs released over the centuries since the first dime in 1796. One of the longest running and most influential was the Liberty Head dime, issued every year from 1892 until 1916. The Liberty dime encapsulates an important quarter century period of growth and prosperity for both the young nation and the evolving coinage system.

History and Design

The Liberty dime, also known as the Barber dime, was designed by Charles E. Barber, the sixth chief engraver of the U.S. Mint. Barber created a new interpretation of Liberty for the obverse, featuring a profile portrait of the goddess wearing a cap and wreath as an elegant symbol for the nation. The reverse displays a wreath surrounding the central inscription "One Dime" along with the words "United States of America". This refreshed Liberty design replaced the previous Seated Liberty dime, which had been minted since 1837. While it drew some initial criticism, the new Barber Liberty design gained appreciation over time for its intricate detailing and balanced artwork that evoked both tradition and progress.

Mintages and Rarities

Over 360 million Liberty Head dimes were minted across a quarter century between five different U.S. Mint branches in Philadelphia, San Francisco, New Orleans, Denver, and Carson City. High mintages left many common in lower circulated grades. Yet obtaining top condition examples graded MS-65 or higher proves quite challenging. Key date rarities also exist, where mintage dropped far below one million pieces, such as the 1895-O, 1896-S, 1903-S, and 1913-S issues. These low mintage coins command significant premiums today. The 1894-S dime, with a tiny mintage of just 24,000 pieces struck in San Francisco, is another famous rarity that adds allure for collectors assembling sets.


While dimes may seem diminutive, they tell a sweeping epic of economic, industrial, and social development in America. The Liberty dime bears witness to tremendous growth, from the country's humble agricultural roots, through industrial revolution and expansion westward, to emerging as a global power. As the smallest circulating silver coin, the dime served an important role in commerce. The Liberty dime represents a bridge between the 19th and 20th centuries during a pivotal transformation for the nation. It is an important chapter in the story told by American coinage.


For coin collectors and numismatists, every Liberty dime, even ones worn by decades of use, offer a chance to connect with the immense heritage found in America's smallest silver denominations. Each Liberty dime, backed by intrinsic silver value, traces back to an era of promise and progress, making it significant beyond its modest face value.

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