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Rhodochrosite Bolo Ties and the gemstones meanings

Vintage Signed Shadowbox Rhodochrosite Bolo Tie Rhodochrosite is a stone that may help with emotional recovery. It gently guides you through unpleasant childhood memories, healing the past, and reclaiming aspects of yourself that you may have hidden or discarded for emotional survival. It's also a stone of joy and nurture, allowing you to tap into a child's freedom and magic when they're protected and loved.

Rhodochrosite is a soft mineral that is often mistaken for rhodonite. Manganese carbonate is the main component. It's a brilliant bright pink hue in its purest form. Calcium and other minerals often make their way into the mix, resulting in a lovely pale pink tint with white striping. Brown and white rhodochrosite are also found on occasion.

Rhodochrosite is a soft stone with a Mohs hardness of about 3.5-4. Rhodochrosite is seldom faceted; instead, it is usually cut into cabochons for use in jewelry. Rhodochrosite is derived from the Greek term rhodochrosite, which meaning rose-colored. Colorado's state mineral, rhodochrosite, is often found in silver mines. They were commonly dumped in mine trash heaps until individuals began actively hunting for excellent grade rhodochrosite specimens.

Argentina, Peru, Romania, Poland, Canada, and the United States are all home to Rhodochrosite.

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