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Shriners Bolo Ties: The World of Shriners Collecting & Brotherhood

Yaarab Shriners Collectibles The Shriners have accumulated extensive collections of artifacts and memorabilia documenting their rich history and work. Many Shriners centers and museums display iconic fezzes, pins, jewelry, and other regalia. Mini decorative cars and vehicles from parades are popular items. Convention souvenirs like programs, medals, and coins offer reminders of gatherings. Some collections feature equipment, signage, and photos connected to the Shriners hospital system and patients. Historic documents provide insight into the early days of the fraternity. Members also pass down personal memorabilia through generations. For Shriners devotees, these artifacts provide a tangible link to this philanthropic organization's fascinating heritage and principles. Amassing a collection allows honoring both the Shriners' legendary past and promising future.

Fezzes, pins, and jewelry: The iconic fez hat and scimitar pin are some of the most recognizable Shriners items. Ceremonial jewels, bolo ties, officer hat badges, and membership pins also hold significance. These often indicate one's role, years of service, or commemorate special events.

Mini cars and parade vehicles: Miniaturized decorative cars and vehicles driven in Shriners parades are popular collectibles. These are often modeled after real cars and creatively customized by Shriners units to bring delight along parade routes.

Convention and gathering items: Convention medals, souvenir items, programs, and ephemera provide memories of the many regional, national, and imperial council sessions Shriners have convened since the late 1800s. Coins, plates, and other limited edition items also commemorate important occasions.

Hospital and patient memorabilia: Some collections feature equipment, photos, documents, signage, and objects connected to Shriners hospitals and patients over the years. These provide historical insight into medical heritage and capture the mission of helping children.

Photos, documents, and regalia: Vintage photographs, films, documents, manuscripts, and robes offer glimpses into early generations of Shriners. Collections allow exploring the fraternity's fascinating past through those who shaped it.

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Shriners Bolo Ties


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