The Susan B. Anthony Dollar Bolo Ties: A Symbol of Equality and Rarity

Introduction: The Legacy of Susan B. Anthony in Coinage

Susan B. Anthony CoinStep into the fascinating world of Susan B. Anthony Dollars, where numismatics meets a pivotal era in American history. These coins, minted from 1979 to 1981 and then reprised in 1999, are not just pieces of currency; they encapsulate the spirit of the suffragist movement and the ongoing pursuit of gender equality. In this exploration, we delve into the significance, rarity, and allure of Susan B. Anthony Dollars, guided by reputable sources that shed light on their historical context, market values, and the stories they tell. Join us on a journey through the NGC Coin Explorer, PCGS CoinFacts, CoinValues, Wikipedia, and USA Coin Book as we unravel the mysteries and treasures of these iconic coins.

Why is the Susan B. Anthony Dollar So Expensive?

The Susan B. Anthony Dollar's expense is influenced by several factors:

Short Production Span: The Susan B. Anthony Dollar had a brief production run compared to other circulating coins. The initial minting occurred from 1979 to 1981, and after a hiatus, a final production in 1999 marked the end of its issuance. The limited time in circulation contributes to its scarcity.

Public Resistance: The coin faced resistance from the public due to its size and similarity in appearance to the quarter, leading to its quick withdrawal from circulation. The low demand during its active years makes well-preserved specimens rarer today, elevating their value.

Low Mintages: Despite being minted over multiple years, the Susan B. Anthony Dollar has relatively low mintages, especially compared to more common denominations. This scarcity increases its desirability among collectors.

Collector Interest: The Susan B. Anthony Dollar has become a favorite among collectors, especially those focusing on U.S. coinage and historical themes. The intersection of historical significance, limited availability, and the quest for completeness in coin collections fuels demand and drives up prices.

The Last Susan B. Anthony Dollar Made: 1999

The Susan B. Anthony Dollar concluded its minting in 1999, marking the end of an era. The decision to halt production was influenced by factors such as public confusion with the quarter and a general lack of popularity. The coin's limited presence in circulation, especially in its later years, adds to its scarcity and subsequent value.

The Elusive Rarity: 1981-S Proof Susan B. Anthony Dollar

Among the Susan B. Anthony Dollar issues, the 1981-S Proof coin stands out as particularly elusive. The San Francisco Mint produced a lower number of proofs for this year, making it a sought-after piece for collectors. The proof coins, with their polished and detailed finish, are often considered the pinnacle of numismatic artistry, adding to the challenge of acquiring this specific release.

Conclusion: A Coin of Historical Significance

The Susan B. Anthony Dollar, despite its short-lived presence in circulation, serves as a numismatic testament to the ongoing struggle for gender equality. Its rarity, fueled by low mintages, public reception, and collector interest, transforms it from a mere denomination into a tangible symbol of progress and a reminder of the continuing journey toward equality. As collectors and enthusiasts seek to preserve this piece of history, the Susan B. Anthony Dollar's value extends beyond its face value, embodying the spirit of those who fought for the rights it represents.

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Susan B. Anthony Dollar Bolo Ties


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