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Tigers Eye Bolo Ties and the gemstones meanings

Tiger's Eye Bolo Tie Wedding Necklace Despite life's ups and downs, tiger eye may help you remain grounded and realistic. It assists you in balancing polarities and accepting inconsistencies, as well as accepting life as it comes and reacting without judgment to the requirements of the present. It's a good stone to have in long-term challenging conditions because it gives you endurance and puts you in the ideal frame of mind to cope with difficulties as they arise without becoming overwhelmed, despairing, or reactive.

Tigers Eye is a brown to yellow stone that increases the first three chakras, which are responsible for anchoring, creativity, and willpower. As a result, Tiger Eye is an excellent stone to carry and wear every day since it provides a basic degree of support for living a life that works for you.

Tiger's Eye is a powerful herb that promotes energy, physical well-being, and endurance. If you're ill, fatigued, worn-down, or exhausted, this is a fantastic stone to wear. It might provide that additional push to get you through long days and hectic schedules.

Tiger Eye may help you operate boldly from a place that is in accordance with your own self, your own values, and who you are and want to be since it works on the three lower chakras. Wearing Tiger eye consistently might help you consolidate your personality into a strong, focused individual if your sense of self is hazy or you have no sense of direction.

Chatoyancy, or the "cat's eye effect," is a bright stripe that moves as you spin the stone in a golden-brown banded variation of quartz. Tiger eye may be dulled by faceting, thus it's normally worn as round beads or cabochons.

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