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About Us

image Hello and Welcome to the Bolo Tie Shop known as My name is Crystal and I'm a stay at home mom raising two small children. I enjoy fashion very much and really love Bolo Ties because they're so different and interesting. Why would wear a boring old-fashioned tie when you can wear something that is remarkable. With an incredible wide range of styles to choose from, Bolo Ties should be part any wardrobe. They're really for everyone from adults to Bolo Ties for kids. Just think the even the Boy Scouts of America wear them!

Anyway I decided to create this small website just on the topic of Bolo Ties and use this opportunity to create value by organizing all the information about Bolo Ties from how to make them, to their history, to identifying Bolo neckwear on sale.

Whether you are looking for information or a vintage Bolo Tie or just a plain old Cheap Bolo Tie, my goal is to help you find the right Bolo Tie today. Please support me by considering some of the items displayed on my site. I will receive very small affiliate commission if you purchase something, so thank you for supporting me. Please know that as stay at home mom raising children, it's difficult to work so this is my attempt at another mom trying to run a tiny site to help make ends meet. Again thank you for your support.