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American Flag Bolo Ties featuring the American Eagle made with real leather


Saluting the Stars and Stripes: The American Flag as an Emblem of Freedom and Pride

Few symbols encapsulate America's spirit and ideals like the iconic red, white and blue of the Star Spangled Banner. For over 200 years, the American flag has instilled patriotism, galvanized citizens in times of crisis, and stood as a global symbol of democracy.

The 13 stripes of red and white represent the original colonies, while the 50 stars signify our unified states. But the flag means much more than just a collection of parts. It embodies the very principles embraced by our founding fathers - liberty, justice, opportunity, perseverance, and unity.

When Francis Scott Key witnessed it flying after an attack on Fort McHenry, it inspired him to write words that became our national anthem. And when soldiers raised it atop Iwo Jima's Mount Suribachi, it bolstered morale and signaled victory. The flag has draped coffins, graced Olympic medal podiums, and been planted on the surface of the moon.

The American flag symbolizes the freedom to speak our minds, practice our faiths, and pursue our dreams in this land of opportunity. It has stood watch over our cities in times of crisis when we need unity more than ever. It reminds us we each play a part in writing America's unfolding story.

Flag raisings and unfurlings still fill Americans with pride and purpose. We believe that behind its stars and stripes, anything is possible for our people and nation. As long as the flag of the United States continues waving, so does our spirit, resolve, and commitment to perfecting this great experiment of democracy.

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