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Bolo Ties Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboy Bolo Bolo Ties Dallas and Bolo Ties Dallas Cowboys neck ties. Celebrate your pride in Dallas Texas or for the Dallas Cowboys with a fashionable neck tie! Treat yourself or give a unique birthday gift to someone.

Dallas Cowboys Sterling Silver Bolo Tie by Arturo Rivera 4516. On offer is a sweet 1960s sterling silver and turquoise DALLAS COWBOYS bolo tie by Arturo Rivera of Santa Fe NM. Rivera used to be a shop smith for the Thunderbird Shop run by Frank Patania. He later used the mark RIVERAS for all his work and produced into the 1970s for his high end shop on the Plaza in downtown Santa Fe. This is out of a estate collection of pieces from Arturo's personal secretary.

This is a lovely piece set with a shadowboxed turquoise in a simple, but lovely form.

The bolo measures 2.5 x 2.75 inches and hangs on a woven leather strap 44 total inches or 22 inches from neck to sterling silver tips. 57 grams.

Dallas Cowboy Bolo Ties are available in Pewter Enamel and Southwestern Sterling Silver.

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