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Japanese Bolo Ties: Netsuke masks, Shishi Lion, Hannya Noh, Japanese Kabuki Imported from Japan

Japanese Vintage Bolo Tie Ceramic Legendary Shishi Lion Japanese Bolo Ties are very popular with bolo tie collectors and it represents some fashion in Japanese fashion culture. There are many interations of bolo ties from Japan. These styles include Netsuke masks for example Japanese old wooden Oni, Japanese old wooden Hannya mask, Hyottoko Japanese vintage bolo tie, Japanese Kabuki Theater Mask, Legendary Shishi Lion, Hannya Noh Japanese bolo tie Netsuke Devil Deamon and Japanese Child's Pirate Set Skull Bolo Tie. The Masks of Netsuke represent miniature masks from Noh plays or Kyogen and representing Gods and other figures from Japanese legends. Mini Netsuke masks have beautiful detail and are fashionable to wear on a necktie.

During the 1980s and 1990s bolo ties, some elegant and expensive, were sold in Japan, Korea, and China. Some had fancy, hand-made cords, and unusual tips. Sales overseas skyrocketed post-1970s; this was due to the overflow from the United States, where it had fallen out of fashion in the 1980s. The bolo tie's appeal isn't confined to the United States. The exhibit features striking examples created in Mexico, Peru, Denmark and Japan, as well as a photograph of British Teddy Boys dancing in their snazzy suits and bolo ties at a London rock 'n' roll revival show in 1972. 'Western history, Western mythology, I think is something that the world is captivated by, particularly in Japan, in Europe,' Singleton said.

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During the 1980s and 1990s bolo ties, some elegant and expensive, were sold in Japan
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