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Horse Bolo Ties and the symolism of the horse

Vintage Horse Head Western Equine Bolo Tie Pewter The horse is a symbol of freedom and bravery, and horse jewelry embodies this spirit. This magnificent creature symbolizes strength, independence, liberty, nobleness, endurance, self-assurance, victory, heroism, and competitiveness. This spirit animal's possessors will constantly be on the lookout for new adventures. This symbol will teach you how to ride to new places while also revealing your strength and independence. Horse totem people are usually outgoing and free-spirited. If you have this necklace, you must break free from your previous restrictions.

Chinese: The horse is a Chinese zodiac animal. Horse people are known to be affable, popular, and trendy, but not very good at maintaining secrets.

Indian: Hayagriva, a Hindu god who appears as a horse-headed man with four arms or a noble white horse hauling the sun through the sky, is an Indian deity. Hayagriva is a deity of wisdom and knowledge. Before studying, the devout pray for his blessing.

Native American: Horse ownership improved one's social position by demonstrating discipline, power, and respect for all living species, in addition to riches. Spirit, or Medicine, horses were especially prized. These animals were regarded to be particularly promising since they were born with distinctive patterns or blue eyes.

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