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Horseshoe Bolo Ties

Doubles S Bolo Tie Horseshoe Star Horseshoes had a functional purpose: they protected a horse's hooves while it was going about its job. The horseshoe sign grew to take on numerous meanings throughout time, most notably as a symbol of good fortune.

The horseshoe emblem is still widely used in contemporary communities as a sign of good fortune. Jewelry, artwork, and apparel all include it.

Horseshoes have been associated with protection and good fortune. The tradition is said to stretch back to the Middle Ages, when horseshoes were thought to ward against witches and bad powers. It's unknown why, although it might be because horseshoe iron was unaffected by the fire.

Women suspected of being witches were also put into coffins with horseshoes fastened on the outside when they died. The horseshoes were supposed to keep the witch from escaping the coffin if she came back to life after the coffin was buried.

Horseshoes were also used by superstitious blacksmiths in the Middle Ages to ward off evil and halt dreams, according to legend. This is owing to a legend that the devil had his hooves fitted with horseshoes by a blacksmith.

The demon, who was in excruciating agony, then requested that they be removed. The blacksmith consented, but only on the condition that the devil not be allowed to enter; a horseshoe was on show. Horseshoes are also associated with the moon. This belief dates back to the ancient Romans, who thought that they could heal hiccups. The moon was a source of fascination for ancient Chaldean and Egyptian civilizations, and the horseshoe's crescent form contributed to its allure because of its resemblance.

When it comes to hanging (or wearing) a horseshoe, there are two schools of thought: Hanging it right side up is thought to keep the luck in, allowing the horseshoe to continue to serve as a good luck charm, whilst pointing the tips down or to the side is said to pour good fortune out upon everyone in the vicinity. Whatever your motivation for hanging a horseshoe or wearing jewelry with this age-old symbol - and wherever you place it - one thing is certain: it will bring you good luck.

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