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How to Tie a Bolo Slide Knot

In a way, there is and there is not a special way to wear bolo ties. A bolo tie is a particular type of tie; therefore, a clasp and cord are necessary to complete the look. Of course, the history of the bolo tie refers to the Native American style of bolo tie that was worn with a bandanna, while others used a string. Perhaps the string was much simpler to adjust and wear with shirts, which became more popular late on. However, the influence of Native American jewelry is still prevalent today with bolo tie brooches or clasp.

Some people still wonder what is the best way to tie a bolo slide knot. Bolos are uncomplicated to wear; however, understanding the way to make a bolo slide knot can get pretty tricky. Bolo slide knots are not the same as tying shoes, a bolo knot is distinctive because it is a very durable knot. It can be enhanced continuously. Due to this aspect, the preliminary tying of your bolo knot is tremendously perplexing to one who has never tried before. However, practice makes perfect, and the best way to become good at something is to continue to try. Try the tips below. You won't become a champion bolo slide knot contender overnight, but you will have an idea of what is involved in getting the perfect slide-knot. Therefore, getting the technique perfected is up to you.

Tying A Bolo Slide Knot

What you will need: a string

-To get going, place one end of the string into the palm of your hand. Wrap or enfold the string around your hand at least three times. Clutch the end of the string you have placed in your hand and slide it above the back of the wrapped string. Draw the end of the string back over into your palm. At this point, you should have three wraps around your alm. The looseness of the string ought to be the middle wrap. This is because you should have pulled the end of the string up and over in the direction of your fingers. No one said it would be easy, but you have to start somewhere!

- Now, pull the section of the string nearest to your wrist above the middle strand of string creating an opening. Then, pull the original end through the loop that you recently made. Take your hand away from the fresh, slackly created knot. Observe how the string is zig zagged in a circular-pattern.

- Draw the end through. To complete your bolo slide knot, you must interlace the first rope end through the zigzagged holes. The knot should be slack enough for you to tug the string end through every loop without too much complexity.

- If you prefer to reinforce your bolo slide knot, it is quite simple considering everything else! Simply take the other end of the string and intertwine it through the loops in then opposing direction. This can be repeated as often as you wish until the bolo slide knot has the strength you prefer. To tense the knot, just pull both ends of the string.

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