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How to Wear a Bolo Tie

Bolo ties are simple but make a strong statement. You can wear them as a simple cord with a minute buckle in front to hold it in place, but much of the look will depend on the clasp and the texture of the string. Leather string looks the best. Seeing that leather comes in various colors and patterns, you can easily create very own individual style the same way Native Americans originally used bandannas! Just slip the bolo around your neck and fasten it with the clasp of your choice. The string or cord will hang naturally similar to a necktie. Remember, the bolo tie is interpedently simple; however, it is striking in its simplicity so you should not overdo the Western look attire you wear with your tie.

How to Wear a Bolo Tie

Wearing your bolo tie with a pair of swanky cowboy boots is fine, but adding the belt with a huge buckle with a ten gallon cowboy hat may be over doing it! Of course, if you live in a region where this type of western gear is common, you can easily get away with it. If not, refrain from over "westernizing" your outfit or it will appear more as a costume. Just keep it subtle.

Classic Bolo Tie Look

The classic bolo tie look has adorned the necks of both males and females around the world, especially in the US where it originates. According to some sources, there is no "correct" way to wear a bolo tie, or bolo. However, there are a few looks you can wear that suit present-day fashions. Usually, bolo ties are worn the same as regular ties, with a part of the tie hidden up under the collar of your shirt. The look is sophisticated, formal, and much easier to put together than the familiar Windsor knot ties.

Think about the length of the cord for your tie. For example, a very small person will look awkward with bolo string down to their waist! Therefore, the length of your tie should be balanced with your body height. The correct length is around four inches under your breastbone. The ornamental tips occasionally placed at the ends of the cords should appear on the front of your shirt, without touching or hindering your belt.

Modern Variations

Native Americans have been very creative with their bolo tie creations. They utilized various stones like Turquoise and numerous textures of cord to create unique bolo designs that are still worn today. Because there are no set rules on how to wear a bolo tie, except for the few mentioned earlier, you can take the time to experiment to discover the look you prefer. For example, these days some stylish people wear bolo ties with t-shirts and jean vest, even though the tie might appear more like a necklace. Maybe the tie cord is unique or the clasp is something extra special, you may want to show it off with a dress or a Nehru jacket. Even if you stay with the traditional collard shirt, you can have fun with wearing the clasp higher or lower. Bolo ties are fun to experiment with as long as you stay within the "essence" of the accessory itself.


Undoubtedly, bolo ties are a fun and sophisticated accessory that is just as versatile as the people who wear it!

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